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Sri Lanka’s tropical climate, tea plantations, and golden beaches, make it one of the best contenders for your next family vacation. However, the town of Negombo in specific is a great place to spend a relaxed vacation soaking in some sun while being showered by warm hospitality. Located on the shore of a lagoon that goes by the same name, Negombo was an important trading port to both the Portuguese as well as the Dutch. This beautiful seaside resort is a very short drive from the capital city Colombo and is an ideal retreat for weary travellers looking for some quiet and calm away from the maddening crowds of the city.

The Dutch influence is hard to overlook in the little and quaint town of Negombo, that feels like a blast from the past. Hence, take a look at these best things to do in Negombo, when holidaying in Sri Lanka.


Negombo was founded originally as a fishing village which has remained a backbone amongst the local community. Walk down the small fishing villages on the outskirts of Negombo on an evening. You may also ask your hotel to arrange a fishing tour on the lagoon for your family. A deep-sea fishing tour organized by Negombo tourism representative, may cost you about $296.

Carry your camera along, as you will find it hard to return without pictures of the fascinating sights you will witness. This is one of the best things to do near Negombo.


When the Europeans began to colonize Sri Lanka, they also built canals to quickly move goods from one trading post to another. Though goods are no longer shipped via these canals, they are open for a quick boat ride that is quite fun and thrilling! If you have a few hours to spare, you can go for a city tour as well. This is hands down one of the best things to do in Negombo Sri Lanka.

An experienced guide will take you on a guided tour that covers Negombo city, St. Marys Church, Fishermans bay, Angurukaramulla temple. This tour may take about 6 hours, but is worth every penny and minute spent.


There are plenty of Negombo things to do. Plan a visit to the citys largest temple, for instance. Located very near the famous Harishchandra college, this beautiful temple houses a giant Buddha image.

The temple also has numerous murals and old paintings on display. This is the right place to go to if you love history. You will get a lot of information on Sri Lankan kings from the bygone eras at this magnificent temple that follows Buddhism.


It is believed that 99% of the population in Negombo are Christians. It is therefore little surprise that you will find churches by a dime a dozen in the town of Negombo. One of the largest cathedrals in Sri Lanka,

St. Marys Church, is not just famous among locals but also sees a lot of tourist footfall. The architecture of this church is truly majestic and breathtaking. Also, known as Mahaweediya Palliya by the locals, the church has a number of beautiful paintings on display.


No trip to Negombo is complete without a visit to its beautiful beach. Set out early in the morning with a picnic hamper and relax on the beach watching the boats set off from the shores for fishing. The golden clean sands make way for you to enjoy a quick afternoon siesta and other Negombo beach activities.

There are a number of restaurants on the perimeter of the beach should you crave for a hearty snack. Looking for other things to do in Negombo beach- You can also buy some fresh fish, crab, or lobsters at the market close by. Be sure to wait until dusk to enjoy spectacular views of the sun setting against the beautiful backdrop of the ocean.


If you love to shop, you can pick some interesting curios and jewelry while at Negombo. You will find charming handmade pieces of jewelry for every budget. You can pick up colorful earrings and necklaces for as little as a couple of dollars.

If you are willing to splurge, do pay a visit to Cartier Jewels on Beach road! The staff is rather friendly and helpful and do not hard-sell! The beach road shops are a good place to hang out, and you are sure to get a good bargain if you scout around. Negombo Plaza is yet another place to fill in a few hours shopping on a lazy sunny afternoon!


Wondering what to do in Negombo- Set out on a sightseeing tour. Located close to the lagoons mouth are the ruins of a rather old Dutch fort, with a fine gateway that is inscribed with the date 1678.

While you cannot peek into the insides, as the fort grounds are now occupied by the towns prisons, there is green that goes by the name Esplanade, wherein cricket matches are held.

There are plenty of things to do in Negombo, aside from splashing in the beach. From enjoying the nightlife to relishing the best of dolphin watching, indulge in thrilling things to do in Negombo on your next trip to Sri Lanka.