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South Coast

Mirissa is one of the main beach destinations in southern Sri Lanka. The area has it all, beautiful beaches, surf waves, whale watching and great bars and restaurants. Mirissa is developing quickly over the last couple of years so it’s also getting more crowded.

There are still enough spots where you can enjoy a fresh coconut from your hammock seeing the sunset. Spend about 2 – 4 days with these things to do in Mirissa.


One of the best things to do in Hikkaduwa is its water sports. Hikkaduwa offers lots of water activities for you, like swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, cruising, and sailing.

There are also Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) courses accessible from the primary diving shops. Diving lovers will also get to enjoy the specialized diving visits open to exploring shipwrecks and interesting night-diving trips.


This is one of the most striking points on this beach. This rock is a little mound that overlooks the Mirissa Beach and is the perfect spot from where you can witness the mesmerizing sunrise and the sunsets.

Head here with your beloved and enjoy the beautiful views atop the cliff. Its among the most beautiful places to visit in Mirissa.


Whale watching is one of the most exciting things to do in Mirissa. The ideal time for this activity is the season between December and March. During this season there is a 99% chance of spotting whales and dolphins just a meter away from your boat. If you are lucky enough, apart from the whales and dolphins you also get to see turtles and various species of fish..


Snorkeling on the Turtle Bay is one of the special attractions of Mirissa Beach. Here, you can swim during the low tide and collect some of your own snorkels. Heading to the bay in the early morning hours is the best time for this water sport. Do try this adventurous feat and write to us about your experience of snorkeling here.


A 15-minute from Mirissa Beach is a small coconut farm on a hilltop. The view or sunset view from here is simply amazing. It’s quite easy to get here since the place is on Google Maps. You can access it via one of the restaurants nearby or by a small walk through the water.

Be careful with the coconuts, we can tell from our own experience that coconuts will fall from trees.


Mirissa Beach is crowded and still a very relaxing vibe. A handful of great restaurants are located on or near the beach who all offer a different kind of foods.

Looking for things to do can be time consuming, but we can take the hassle out of planning your holiday. Whether you’re looking to get active in the great outdoors, sample the cuisine or catch up with the vibrant local culture, our guides to Mirissa attractions ensure that you’ll have a successful trip, whatever the season.